Stunt Work
We can cater for people training for the Stunt Register.  Trampoline comes under Section B - Falling.  The requirements are(updated 2006)

Single back S/S - (S, P and T )                          Single front S/S - (P and T)                     Barani: - (S, P & T)   
Full twisting back S/S                                         Full twisting front S/S                              Lazy Back (3/4 Back S/S) (S)
Crash Dive (S), Barani Ball out (T)                     1 1/4 Front S/S (T)                                1 1/4 Back S/S (T)
½ Twist to Crash Dive (Arabian)                        ½ Twist to Front S/S (T) (Arabian)        'Gain' Front S/S (T)*
1 3/4 Front S/S (T), Barani Ball out (T)              Side S/S                                                 'Gain' Back S/S (T)*
Link: - Back S/S (S), Barani (S), Back S/S (P).

Recommended Form Score:  For the purpose of this test each skill / combination will be marked out of 10 with a minimum deduction of 0 and a maximum deduction of 5.  The candidate should score an average 2 deduction with no more than 3 on any skill / combination.  The test will be carried out by an Equity / JISC approved examiner   (Jeff Hewitt-Davis 07785 574467 and Gordon Seed 07966 204115)   An appropriate certificate will be available for use by the examiner.
* To 'Gain' means to travel in the opposite direction to rotation,
i.e. 'Gain Front S/S' means to travel backwards along the bed whilst rotating forwards.
'Gain' Back S/S' means to travel forwards along the bed whilst rotating backwards.